repotted U. alpina × humboldtii ‘Nüdlinger Flair’

Ruukutin kyseisen vesiherneen sunnuntaina. Toin sen pari viikkoa sitten takaisin Lahteen tältä kämpiltä koska näin että se todellakin tarvitsee isoman ruukun. En tiedä miten toi rahkasammal on tossa pinnalla alkanut toin hyvin kasvaa. Kivan näköistä kuitenkin. Tollainen pöheikkö...
I repotted this bladderwort 2 days ago. This plant really needed a new pot. 

 Siellä niitä pyyntiansoja on! :D
Those are the plants bladders.

Uusi koti! :))
A new home


  1. Hi.

    Very nice blog. :)
    Do you have this plant to sell? A piece with roots or something?
    My email is: pasibanin@gmail.com

    Regards. :)

    1. Thanks:-)

      This plant is not for sale but it is dividing a lot so I might think about it. Our weather is still kinda freezing so there is no way I could send tropical plants this time of the year. Lets see later this year.
      Are you a major carnivorous plant grower?

      - Cheers

  2. Hi.
    I am a person how that have carnivorous plants....and i don´t have this plant ...an i find nice the plant. :)
    Probably for the summer you will have divisisons?
    I was find your blog in the cpukforum...

  3. I have drosera filiformis red florida, drosera nidiformis, drosera cuba, drosera spatulata var. lovellae...dionaea muscipula mixes...if you are interestes in cange me when the weather improve in finland...i canchange some plants for this ..utricularia.. :)


kiitos! :-)