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Veikkaampa että tätä blogia ei pahemmin suomalaiset tunnusta lukevansa jotenka ainakin tästä lähtien vedän  pelkästään enkuksi :'')

Yep fall is coming right ahead. Ive been spending my weekend here in the campus are. There was a big walkout in Friday and buses werent available so it would have been a bit of trouble to travel back to Lahti that day. I also had a vegetable exam that day so I couldnt leave earlier during week. I'm quite convinced that I passed it.

 Okay to the point of plants. They have bee doing just ok to cut it short. Highlanders enjoy in the basement though that plastic box that I bought for them from Ikea is getting a bit crowded. I purchased many highland neps this year meaning they are on the better side when it comes to size. My H. heterodoxa x minor, N.muluensis x lowii and spectabilis have grown under my care since year 2011 and 2012 and they are big! No idea what I'm suppose to do. My parents basement space is limited and I feel I shouldn't hoard more space as I'm already generating discussion.

Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor

Heliamphora pulchella
I also moved my pygmy sundew "terrarium box" into out basement this summer. They have been doing just wonderful after transaction. Much more colour and dew! The happies one must be my pot of D.scorpioides. They used to sulk soo much when in room temperature!
Drosera scorpioides

Terrariums that are located in my room are also fine. Or almost super fine. Some of my rafflesianas got scales and the problem has spread a bit. Yikes! If my memory serves me right everyhing started when I received N. tomoriana and kongkandana. Kongkandata died after a year and before that I investigated that It had scales. Of course the plant was hanging with others and now I'm not quite sure about how far the infection has spead dispite of my quarintine methods. .. . . That case make me sometimes drop a beat in my heart when I think about it. Like none like bugs on their plants!! :(

flooded flytraps after nighmare rain in summer

 Outside in our garden my plants have been exposed to natural forces as I moved them under bare sky in August. Befora that they had been in our greenhouse but since all arrounding vegetation for example trees cover sunlight so efficiently I had to come up with a better location.
Now they have received direct light from 9-13 which means 4 hours. Jeez I know thats utterly too little since Ive read and you know they should be getting atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight. What you can do about it? I can't just start sawing my parents trees in order to increase light levels. Not on this property.

Well compared to middle summer June or July the plants have got a lot more pigmentation. However pitchers arent super straight and my S. alata produces wonky pitchers which I supect is caused by low temperetures.

Sarracenia minor

Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia leucophylla (ll51xll09mk)
Dionaea muscipula 'red Sawtooth'

Thats about it now. I sadly don't have enought current photos at the moment :)

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