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It came and went gone, once again. And in 40 minutes it's Tuesday. I was about to show more pics but my camera got low in battery. It's been very warm start of November. We usually experience freezing nights in daily basis and day temps rise to 4C (~39F). However now temperatures are about 7C at night and 11 at day! Jeez"! I wish I had keeped my temperate carnivores out of dormancy since they have been sleeping for about 3 weeks by now!

Viikonloppu takana taas hui kamalaa. Torstai-perjantain välisenä yönä käytiin kattoo uusin Bond. Ihan jees ja kaikkea tykitystä ja räjähdyksiä ja ruttusia autoja ja verta ja kaahauskohtauksia ja sellasta. Kannattaa käydä kattoo jos kiinnosta agenttityyppinen heiluminen. Samaisena perjantaina viemään kynttilöitä haudoille ja lauantaista sunnuntaihin oltiin serkuilla Turussa. Käytiin heijän metsäpalstalla ja mukaan lähti kiitos paljon säkillinen rahkasammalta :-B

I went to see the newest Bond (Spectre) on 30th October. It was a night premier! I had to gain some sleep in advanve in order not to fall a sleep during the show hahah :'-D It was quite nice movie. I fancy Craig but I think I prefer Skyfall more. Maybe because of blond Javier Bardom(!?).

Also on the same day we went to light some candles at the close cemetery. I don't tend to hype after Halloween as I have never liked much costume dressing and doing gloomy things like scarying pple. In Finland we get to remember our close relatives that have passed away. Quietly with and honourable ambience.

On Saturday we headed 250km west to Turku so see our cousins. During the trip you get to see cool tunnels like this in the photo. Its the longest in Finland! :P

Sightseeing churches!

Ans the near countryside.

The next destination: forest!

I found lots of sphagnum! Red and green! I collected there a bit with a land-owners permission (our cousin!). The sphagnum sack is still outside and I think I should do something about it before I totally forget it. I'm gona wash it and try to start growing colonies.

I spotted very nice looking "red horn lichen"( taikka suomeksi punatorvijäkälä) - Cladonia coccifera. Quite pleasent to see bright colours in the middle of fall.

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