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I still do miss our oldest cat Ninni who passed away in March this year.. her body was failing and we unfortunaly had to put her down because se had problems with breathing and so on :'(( She'd been around even since we moved here in 1999 but I guess you can't help when its about 21-year-old cat. But I bet she had the greatest time of the life <3

While I was away in the USA my family had gotten a new family member in June, 4  months old kitten named Nisse.  He's a totally a charmer and very bold whereas our second oldest can Nikke (3 years) is quite reserved compared to him. We also have about 14-16 years old calico Nuppu that has to be taken to vet today because.. just to check her overall health.



Nuppu and Nisse

A photo of me and Ninni taken a month before her passing in March.... :'(

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