new sarra seeds!

UntitledSo today I went pick up a letter that I had received from frangelo (cpuk). I got the leuco seeds (LL 51 Leuco Russel Road x L9mk ALBA ) from him 3 years ago and those babies have grown very nicely! I think I have around 5-6 plants from the batch of 25 seeds. None of the m have flowered so far but maybe next year?

I was delighted to hear that frangelo had some last year's seeds though he didn't make any this season. I've grown well sorta old seeds from Tricky Utrici and I'm not worried at all to start growing 1 year old seeds.

I'm about to put the seeds in stratification tomorrow but to remind me in the future here's what I got:
I do not own the following photos!

XSL ..25  -  SXM61 S.x Moorei  “Timothy King   x    H 113 mk S.x Moorei 'Adrian Slack
Kuvahaun tulos haulle sarracenia Timothy KingKuvahaun tulos haulle sarracenia adrian slack

LE.33  -   H 112 mk S.x Moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' Walton Co, FL   x   SL61 (Cedric)
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3568/3457908097_937abd5371_z.jpgSL61 S. leucophylla -- red stripe throat

WK..39 -  Wilkerson White  Knight   x    H 157 mk Wilkerson Red
S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's white knight, North Walton Country,Floridehttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3476/3907953380_18ed660330.jpg

XM..57 -  H45 Red Sumatra   x   F 174mk

 Kuvahaun tulos haulle sarracenia  f174

XM..59 -  L 69 mk   x   H 157 mk Wilkerson Red

XM ..62 - S.x Moorei "Pinkish top" H87 MK   x   SL61 (Cedric)
SL61 S. leucophylla -- red stripe throat

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