Greetings from the fridge

About 60% of my plants are spending their dormancy in a fridge and I checked them out yesterday. Some Sarrs like leucos and alatas had woken up and put out leggy and white leaves whereas some were still nicely dormant.I cleaned the most of the Sarrs by pulling of dead and old leaves and for those woken up ones I put them under the light to out basement.  Mostly everyhing was fine but I lost a few seedgrown Darlingtonias because 'cos they froze in the fridge and I also lost D.filiformis earlier this winter because of the same thing. Oh well I have never tried this fridge dormancy method so I'm quite happy with he outcome so far.

Also remember that the rest of my temperate species are buried to the ground outside and thats also going to be interesting to see whether they make it or not.

Plant fridge

DM 'Sawtooth'

a bowl of flytraps
not sure if it will make it. the other side of another bowl had frozen and the plants also there..

I HATE aphids!How do they end up getting there=?!
nice seedgrown Darlingtonias
And some not..R.I.P :(
Clean and happy!
 Thats all folks this time! :-)

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