I'm alive! Elossssa!

Jeez guys! I'ts unbeliveable how time like umm 3 months pass that quickly!

 Seriously I got a job in November and since then I had to work and do my thesis in my limited free time. However I finished my thesis and presented it about a week ago quite like confirming that I've successfully ended my studies! You might call me a horticulturist now! I'm still waiting for true and official papers but yeah it took me 3,5 years to pass my Bachelor's Degree. And oh yeah I'm going to U.S in March for 6 months! Its time to flee cold and gloomy Finland and go back to help MBRS again! :-)

A lot has happened with my plants which means quite much hence need to dedicate a seperate post for 'em.

Heres some current photos:

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