Utrecht University Botanic Gardens 26.9.

lovely main building

fdfasd Today I'm going to speak out briefly about our trip to Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. We travelled to Holland 24-27.9. My mom has a dutch friend so we stayed at her house at Utrecht. I didn't get to see Hortus Botanicus at Amsterdam but I was delighted to see carnivores in the garden we went to.

its all dutch! the following photos are from "carnivorous greenhouse". Nice flavas, alatas, laucos and sundews there

getting exciting! big tropical greenhouses ahead!
Sarracenia bog with additional flytaps. There were purps, catesbaeis, exellens, flavas and leuco x purp (?)
lovely venation on this one. MY guess would be ×areolata
Inside the biggest house was a lily pond with this Nepenthes copelandii. I was an awful visitor and snipped one activated growth point... /^s
Among one orchid greenhouse there was a carnivorous corner with helis and neps.

Such a lovely journey! Much more enjoyable than shopping at the mall! :)

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